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CHÔL (ชล - water, in Thai) – The Philosophy of CHÔL

Water flows like the wisdom of life does.
CHÔL believes that when life is in the flow, there are infinite possibilities. It is the moment you feel in tune with life, moving with precision and all your actions become effortless. You are at your peak. Like water, when you are in the flow, you move constantly. Rising above obstacles, yet remaining gentle while flowing strong.

100% Natural, 100% Alive
CHÔL Aromatique was created in the spirit of the man who was known as the father of aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé , and Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s Flow Theory. CHÔL will help you discover the incredible power of pure and natural essential oils.

CHÔL Aromatique delivers highly potent aromatherapeutic solutions by combining 100% natural essential oils with scientific precision along with the delicate sensibilities of our Thai-French heritage. CHÔL will lift you to your full potential from your very first breath of the day.