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How do essential oils work?

The use of essential oils has been popular for a very long time, especially in America, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India, Middle Eastern countries, and many others. In these countries, essential oils are almost household items, since there is a strong belief that they can help with a variety of problems within our bodies.

But have you ever wondered how these essential oils work? In this article, we are going to look at how essential oils enter our bodies, the process that essential oils go through once they have entered and how they work with our brains to help fix problems.


Let’s being with the question: What is essential oils?

Essential oils are oils extracted from various parts of plants, herbs, or flowers. These can entail all parts of the plants, from branches, leaves, roots, barks, seeds, and petals. After extraction, we are left with highly concentrated oils, with sweet odor of the myriad flowers and plants. Within this sweet scent, there also lies therapeutic qualities that work for both the body and the mind, in which we call ‘Aromatherapy’.


How do essential oils get inside our bodies?

There is more than one way for essential oils to get inside the human body. Let’s take a look at how this can happen.
The first way that essential oils can enter into the bloodstream is through the skin. You can apply the essential oils directly onto the skin and allow them to be absorbed, in a similar way that a body lotion would. When essential oils are absorbed through the skin, they are sent directly into the bloodstream, which is quicker and more effective than oral ingestion through taking a pill. Massaging the area where the oil has been applied can make absorption occur even more rapidly.
Secondly, essential oils can enter the human body through inhalation. This is thought to be the fastest way to get the oils into the body and reap the benefits. Once you have inhaled the essential oils, the droplets are sent to the central nervous system via the limbic system (the system within the brain which handles feelings and emotions). The brain then commands the release of different substances, depending on the type of essential oil, to the body.
Inhaling essential oils is greatly beneficial to the respiratory system as it receives a direct hit. You can inhale essential oils either by breathing in the vapors directly from the bottle or by applying small drops to your favorite body oil, then apply it onto your palms and breath in deeply.
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We wish you health and happiness with our therapeutic essential oils.