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“Aromatherapy” is therapies that use the scents of 100% pure & natural essential oils extracted from various parts of plants, herbs, or flowers. When inhaled, the natural substances will be sent to engage directly with the limbic system of the brain, with the effects of restoring balance to our out-of-sync body, whether in the area of sleep, stress, hormones, concentration, while also having positive effects on memories and emotions.

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants, giving off natural scents that are not pungent, stinging, or nauseating. Furthermore, the natural compounds in each essential oil scent possess unique therapeutic qualities, while perfumes and perfume oils only give off variety of smalls only.

The prices of essential oils vary depending on the difficulty of the extraction process. The less the natural oil a specific plant carries, the higher the volume of raw material required for extraction, and the higher the price, such as the case of jasmine and rose. Besides, prices depend on purity. The purer the extraction process, the higher the price as well. At CHÔL AROMATIQUE, our selections consist of 100% pure and natural essential oils only.

Different essential oils can be blended to create novel scent and atmosphere. However, not all of them can be combined harmoniously. For ease and comfort of blending, Aromatherapy Lovers can keep up with the latest Blending Recipes selected by us to be outstanding and balanced through all CHÔL AROMATIQUE’s channels.


Essential oils should be stored in cool place away from direct sunlight. They should also be stored in opaque containers with tightly sealed lids in order to preserve their therapeutic qualities and lasting scents.


Essential oils bearing CHÔL AROMATIQUE brand are produced in Thailand using the best raw materials imported from countries with highest reputation for such raw materials.


Essential oils and products bearing CHÔL AROMATIQUE brand are produced from 100% natural ingredients, uncontaminated with chemicals, perfumes, or residues that could cause health hazards. Users can feel fully at ease and confident when using our products.

Essential oils and products bearing CHÔL AROMATIQUE brand are produced from 100% natural ingredients which are not contaminated with chemicals, perfumes, or residues. As such, users can feel fully confident that upon receiving therapy through CHÔL AROMATIQUE’s essential oils, they are receiving pure natural healing power from naturally occurring compounds, which will simultaneously reinvigorate the body and restore mental balance.



Nearly everyone can enjoy the benefits of essential oils, with the exceptions of women going through the first three months of pregnancy and babies of less than 3 months old. Those allergic to some flowers or plants should consult medical professionals or inform our staffs before making their purchase every time for best experience and satisfaction in using essential oils.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact CHÔL AROMATIQUE’s experts through all our contact channels during operating hours, for best confidence and maximum effectiveness in using our products.



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