Terms and Conditions

CHÔL AROMATIQUE under Chol and Associates Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘CHÔL AROMATIQUE’) has created the website www.cholaromatique.com (hereinafter referred to as ‘the website’) for the purpose of conducting promotions and sales of goods and/or services to the purchaser of goods and/or services who is a registered member of the website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the purchaser’). Terms and Conditions for the purchasing of goods and/or services through the website are given as follow.


The purchaser shall thoroughly study the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein and/or other terms and conditions that CHÔL AROMATIQUE shall notify on the website before using the services provided by the website. By accessing the website for the objective of purchasing goods and/or services, the purchaser consents to and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.


  1. The purchaser agrees to provide information pertaining to their personal details that is correct, complete, and up-to-date, for the ease of requesting registration to become a member of the website. The purchaser shall correct and amend the said information as soon as there are any changes.
  2. The purchaser shall keep their login name and password to the website confidential. In the case that the purchaser has given or given permission to a third party to use the purchaser’s personal details and/or login name and/or password, the purchaser acknowledges that any activities performed on the website are deemed to be the sole conduct of the purchaser, and the purchaser is legally bound to them.
  3. In the case that the purchaser or the third party stipulated in clause 2 exercises their rights in a way which causes damage to other purchasers or to CHÔL AROMATIQUE, the purchaser shall be liable to the damages caused in the full amount.
  4. The website reserves the right to amend, change, or terminate the Terms and Conditions whether in parts or in full without prior notice to the purchaser.
  5. The purchaser accepts and agrees that the trademarks, ideas, presentations, contents, including software that have been created or developed for the purpose of conducting sales of goods and/or services are the intellectual properties of CHÔL AROMATIQUE, and are protected under the laws governing Intellectual Property. The purchaser is not permitted to copy, reproduce, modify, whether in part or in full, these intellectual properties. Furthermore, the purchaser acknowledges that the purchaser is only permitted to use the said intellectual properties for the purpose of purchasing goods and/or services on the website, and will not conduct any activities that violate any of the laws governing Intellectual Properties in any ways. In the case that the website discovers an instance of such violation of the laws governing Intellectual Property, the website reserves the right to terminate membership status of the purchaser and/or pursue legal actions as it deems appropriate.
  6. The Terms and Conditions stipulated herein will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Thailand.

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